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Scavenger Night Cover

One night can change everything…

Leo wants nothing more than to spend the first night of winter break with his best friends at the annual Chaplin Point scavenger hunt. Instead, he’s at the home of the geekiest kid in school watching Netflix.

Natalie wants people to see her as someone other than “Shorty McTits” but at the same time is afraid to be noticed. They both get a shot at what they want and more when Leo convinces Natalie, her brother, and her best friend to ditch the planned night of binge-watching and take scavenger night by storm.

No, it’s not aliens. A shitty virus has overtaken the world.

From bathing in sanitizer to plugging wifi directly into our brain, the latest viral trend has redefined how we live for over a year. Flippant Girl breaks down what living in the COVID era is like with pop culture and sarcasm all the way.

Flippant Girl is back with an entire book dedicated to surviving (and winning!) National Novel Writing Month. With (not so) practical tips and tricks, Flippant Girl is there to support and guide you from the minute you commit to the point where you are committed.

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